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About us

Our single copies are made from the finest materials. Luxurious patterns woven in a special way and chosen in a unique selection procedure are the basis of the costumes of Edelweiß. Hand-made flowers made of Deco Clay, a Japanese polymer originally designed for the manufacture of small sculptures. Original Swarovski stones give the pieces of Edelweiß a special touch. Self-confident women of all ages, regardless of their type, are always well-dressed with the costumes of Edelweiß.

The dirndls of Edelweiß are perfect artworks which portray the evolutionary development of the costumes. Edelweiß-München GmbH has both design and production based in Munich. All Edelweiß designs are limited edition. There are only two manufactures per dirndl, with all pieces bearing the signature and reflecting the passion of their designer.

The chief designer of Edelweiß-München GmbH shies away from publicity. She is dedicated to detail; there are no compromises in the pursuit of perfection. Every intricate design detail is important and is produced a perfectionist way. These reasons are why the dirndls of Edelweiß are so unique. The chief designer and co-owner of Edelweiß-München GmbH laid the foundation for her work during her work as a freelance styling expert for various fashion brands. During this period she was able to gain the necessary experience to make her childhood dream come true – a hobby has borne a vocation.